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A Concord California native, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My strong  passion for audio and music and creativity has always been there since childhood growing up.  Listening to eclectic genres of music,  being an enthusiast of  listening to sound and nature, watching lots of television and film for entertainment all were my inspirations  to work in the industry as an Audio Engineer.  I graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Audio Production and Engineering from The Art Institute of California at San Francisco.  I have immersive skills and technological knowledge and extensive experience specializing in audio production and post production in music, film, tv, podcasts and audiobooks.  I currently reside in Dunwoody, Georgia where I mostly do remote audio production and post production services.
I enjoy networking and connecting with others in the industry whether it's for a job opportunity. I always continue to thrive, learn and acquire new skills and techniques when working with inspired socially conscious artists, and creative and socially engaging individuals and clients who appreciate high level customer service, professionalism and collaboration on all levels. 
 When I am not tirelessly enjoying and spending time on an audio project I am currently working on, I enjoy binge watching my favorite tv and movies, listening to music and spending quality time with close loved ones and friends and family!
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